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Past Education Conference Materials

2019 Presentations Presenter Materials
Medical Treatment vs. SDOH- A False Dichotomy? Lawrence Lyon, MD PDF
Disparities and Challenges with Practicing Medicine in Underserved Areas Ileana Maria Ponce-Gonzalez, MD, MPH PDF
Clinicians' Role in Preventing Firearm Injury David C. Grossman, MD, MPH PDF
Disparities and Challenges Facing American Indians and Alaska Natives: 
How Clinicians Can Help Reduce Inequities
Vicki Lowe
Heather Erb, PLLC
What #METOO & Trauma Informed Care Means for Clinicians and Health 
Care Organizations
Shaili Jain, MD    PDF PDF
Community Health Needs Assessments: Partnering for Improved Health Outcomes Jamilia Sherls- Jones, DNP, MP, RN, CPN PDF
Like a Sandwich Without the Bread: Thinking 4D About Health Disparities James Anderson, PA-C PPT
Social Inequities, Poor Health and the Primary Care Provider Kristin Conn, MD PDF
Communicating With Vaccine-Hesitant Parents; Approaches & Considerations John Dunn, MD, MPH PDF
Washington Immunization Updates      Kathy Bay, DNP, RN, CENP PDF
Role of Laughter to Improve Health and Make Connections Carrie Horwitch, MD, MPH, MACP PDF

2018 Presentations



Patient Engagement: Your Most Important QI Initiative
Chris Espersen, MSPH
Improving Overall Patient Care by Increasing Patient Engagement
Donna Smith, MD, MBA
Skills for Difficult Conversations
Josephine H Amory, MD
Responding to Emotions
Skills for Difficult Conversations
Patient Reported Outcomes in Value Based Payment Systems
Cecily Froemke, PhD
Challenging Personality Traits and Disorders in Medical Care
John Wynn, MD
Better Together: Patient – Clinician Partnerships
Jeffrey Grice, MD
New Rules for Opioid Prescribing: Q&A with the Medical Commission
Medical Commission Panel
Why Body Language Matters
Speak to Your Patients Without Saying a Word
Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
Why Body Language Matters

2017 Conference Videos

  1. The Use and Misuse of Opioids: 5000 Years in 50 Minutes Christopher Frank, MD, Ph.D
  2. Primary Care Pain Management: Steven Stanos, DO
  3. Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Prescription Medication: Ashley C. & Bradford W. David Bradford. Ph.D
  4. Working Together to Improve Health Care Quality, Outcomes, and Affordability: Ginny Weir, MPH
  5. Opioid Prescribing for Acute Pain after Surgery: Richard J. Barth Jr., MD Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical
  6. Multidisciplinary Pain Management: John D. Loeser, M.D
  7. Opioids: Prevention Treatment Intervention Policy & Practice: Caleb Banta-Green, Ph.D.
  8. Opioid Treatment Programs: James Anderson, PA-C, MPAS
  9. Physician Health and the Opioid Epidemic: Chris Bundy, MD, MPH
  10. Anatomy of a Pain Clinic: Medical Quality Assurance Commission Panel

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