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Health professionals using COVID-19 renewal deferral must renew by mail before Sept. 30 with a check to the Department of Health and cannot renew online. Read more for next steps.

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Welcome to Washington and to the Medical Commission, the state medical board of Washington! Our goal is to license you as accurately and quickly as possible.

In Washington, you have four application options:

You can view all options and forms on this webpage

Best Practices for Quick Licensure

  • To avoid delays, submit all application information and forms at one time with payment;
  • Complete the FBI fingerprints as soon as possible to expedite review of your application, as this is the longest part of the application process;
  • Email your licensing representative if you have any questions.

Process for Non-expedited licensure:

  1. A Commission licensing representative will contact you with a status update via email within 30 days of receiving the complete application and fee;
  2. After receiving the application and fee, will mail you the FBI fingerprint packet, which you must complete at your local law enforcement office.
  3. Once all documents are received and background checks are cleared, our staff will review the completed application and issue your license. This review and approval of a complete application takes less than fourteen (14) days for 99 percent of our applicants.
  4. We will email you when the license is issued but you may check your status at any time on the Provider Credential Search site

If you have any questions please contact us via email: or at 360-236-2750 option #1.