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Compliance Monitoring Program

When a complaint about a Physician or Physician Assistant is submitted to the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) and results in disciplinary action against a provider (respondent) the sanctions are defined by either Stipulated Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Agreed Order (AO), a Final Order or a Stipulation to Informal Disposition (STID).

The Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP) assures that all required evaluation(s), remediation, education, and rehabilitation defined in the AO or STID is completed in accordance with the directives of the Medical Commission.  The CMP is responsible for assuring continuous compliance with disciplinary action for a cohort of respondents that typically number over 170 at one time, and over 50 new respondents per year.

Every newly sanctioned respondent is required to participate in a compliance orientation, at which the CMP staff review the AO or STID with the respondent in detail, explain the expectations of the Medical Commission, and address the respondent’s questions and concerns.

Every respondent is compelled to make at least one personal appearance (and typically subsequent annual appearances) before a Medical Commission panel. The respondent is expected to discuss his / her achievements and challenges under disciplinary action, and respond to questions and comments from the Medical Commissioners. More than 70 Respondents appear before the Medical Commission annually.

Respondents whose disciplinary action includes violations of the standard of care are often compelled to undergo periodic practice reviews over the course of their term. Medical Commission staff visit the respondent’s practice, interview the respondent and staff, and collect a representative sample of medical records pertinent to the issues that precipitated the complaint and case. Approximately 60 practice reviews are performed annually and each respondent typically undergoes 2 or more practice reviews during their term. 

Through the processes described above, the Compliance Monitoring Program has established a reputation for integrity, courtesy and diligence, which has in turn served its mission to protect the public, by encouraging respondents to fully engage in compliance with Medical Commission mandated evaluation, education, remediation.


Current schedule of personal appearances. *Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Order/Panel Name   Date and Time
1/A Alex B. Najera, Petition to Terminate 08/23/2019 9:45 am
1/B Rutherford B. Hayes Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 10:30 am
2/A Jinfeng J. Guo Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 10:30 am
2/B Brad R. Frandsen Petition to Terminate 08/23/2019 11:15 am
3/A Wayne M. Duran Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 11:15 am
3/B Paul E. Gott Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 1:15 pm
4/A Gordon C. Jensen Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 1:15 pm
4/B Chris A. Metzger Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 2:00 pm
5/B Sandra C. Broeran Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 2:00 pm
6/B William A. Agan Personal Appearance 08/23/2019 2:45 pm

Stipulated Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law (Agreed Order)—a document resolving a Statement of Charges. This document contains an agreement by the Respondent to comply with certain terms and conditions to protect the public.

Stipulation to Informal Disposition (STID)—a document stating that allegations have been made, and containing an agreement by the licensee to take some type of remedial action to resolve the concerns raised by the allegations.

Stipulation to Practicean agreement between the applicant and the Commission whereby a license is granted with conditions. This is not considered disciplinary action.

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