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Policy Meetings

The Washington Medical Commission (WMC) changed the structure of the public policy meetings in May 2023 to allow for more time for interested parties to review and comment on policies undergoing review with the WMC. The new process is as follows:

Approximately four (4) weeks prior to the WMC policy meeting, the upcoming policies, procedures, and guidelines will be available on this webpage for review. Interested parties are welcome to provide written comments or attend the interested parties meeting to provide verbal comments.

Approximately two (2) weeks prior to the WMC policy meeting, there will be an interested parties policy meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to allow anyone to comment on and suggest changes to the WMC’s policies, guidance documents, procedures, and interpretive statements. The WMC encourages open discussion on the items on this agenda.

The WMC policy meeting will be held one to two (1-2) weeks prior to the WMC business meeting, where the policies will be put forth for a final vote of the WMC.

Upcoming Policy Meetings

Meeting Type Date & Time (PST)               Meeting Materials Written Comment Closure Date Registration Link
Policy: Interested Parties

Mar 21, 2024

10:00 - 11:00 am

Meeting Packet

Mar 20, 2024

 Virtual Registration

Items to be Discussed (Subject to Change)

  1. Guidance Document: Medical Records: Documentation, Access, Retention, Storage, Disposal, and Closing a Practice
  2. Procedure: Compensation and Reimbursement for Commission Duties
  3. Procedure: Processing Complaints Against Medical Students, Residents, and Fellow

Policy Committee

April 11, 2024
10:00 - 11:00am

Meeting Materials to be posted

April 10, 2024

Virtual Registration