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Purpose of the Medical Commission

The Medical Commission

It is the purpose and responsibility of the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) to protect the public by ensuring quality healthcare is provided by physicians and physician assistants. The WMC establishes, monitors, and enforces qualifications for licensure, consistent standards of practice, and continuing competency. The WMC currently regulates about 34,000 licenses, more than 3,000 of which are PAs. Rules, policies, and procedures developed by the WMC promote the delivery of quality healthcare to the people in Washington.

2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

2019-2021 Strategic Plan

2017-2019 Strategic Plan


    Promoting patient safety and enhancing the integrity of the profession through licensing, discipline, rule making, and education.


    Advancing the optimal level of medical care for the people of Washington State.


    • We make fair, objective, and informed decisions in licensing and disciplinary actions.
    • We earn the public’s trust by being transparent and accountable.
    • We rely on evidence-based data and we look to health-based outcomes to determine our effectiveness.
    • We encourage collaboration through mutual respect and direct, effective communication.
    • We strive for innovation and continuous improvement in all our processes.
    • We promote a rewarding and supportive work environment.