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WMC enters Agreed Order with Clark County MD

OYLMPIA - The Commission takes this case and all cases very seriously. We recognize that nothing can replace the loss of a child.   Dr. Chester C. Hu, (License No. 00039238) failed to meet the standard of care while monitoring a patient after administering general anesthesia (a violation of RCW 18.130.180(4). Under the limits of this state law, the Commission has fined Dr. Hu the maximum amount.

The Medical Commission’s job is to protect the public as regulators. Dr. Hu may face additional punishments in other arenas such as civil court. In addition to the fine, for the next three years, Dr. Hu must continually report and demonstrate his knowledge of the life-threatening risks of pediatric general anesthesia to the Commission. The Commission has also proposed a rule change to WAC 246-919-602 that increases requirements for general anesthesia in dental offices so situations like this will not happen in the future.

The Commission uses WAC 246-16-800 to determine sanctions and penalties. This rule requires us to follow a specific process. Dr. Hu’s case was selected by a three member panel of commissioners for investigation, reviewed by a commissioner and penalties were determined. The penalties were approved by the full panel of commissioners.

Legal documents in this case are available online by visiting the Washington Department of Health Provider Credential Search website.

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**This notice is intended to comply with RCW 18.130.110.