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Pierce County MD disciplined for sexual misconduct

OLYMPIA, WA -  The Washington Medical Commission (WMC) took disciplinary action on the medical license of Ian Lawson, MD (00035040). Dr. Lawson self-reported having sexual relationships with approximately ten patients from approximately 1998-2000. There were no patient complaints.

The WMC informally disciplined Dr. Lawson and placed sanctions on his license which include, but are not limited to:

  • contracting with Washington Physicians Health Program and compliance until successful completion;
  • compliance with the recommendations made by an WMC approved evaluator;
  • an intensive boundaries course;
  • a scholarly paper on maintaining appropriate boundaries with patients;
  • cost recovery expenses of $3000;
  • additional self-reporting requirements;
  • a disclosure to patients regarding these sanctions and their duration;
  • a personal appearance before the WMC in twelve months and annually thereafter if the WMC sees fit to continue.

Dr. Lawson may petition for termination of the STID in three years if he is endorsed by WPHP as safe to practice. WMC has full discretion to approve or deny the petition.

Legal documents in this case are available online by visiting the Washington Department of Health Provider Credential Search website.


**This notice is intended to comply with RCW 18.130.110.

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