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PA with Boundary Violation Enters 3-Year STID

In 2018, Kenneth VanDerBeck, PA-C, (PA60646033) entered into a settlement with the Physician Assistant Board of California for a boundaries violation with a patient which included personal and flirtatious messages. On October 3, 2019, VanDerBeck entered into a Stipulation to Informal Disposition (STID) with the Washington Medical Commission (WMC). VanDerBeck may petition the Commission in writing to terminate this STID in three years and after satisfying all terms of the STID.

Legal documents in this case are available online by visiting the Washington Department of Health Provider Credential Search website. The Washington Medical Commission promotes patient safety and enhances the integrity of the medical profession through licensing, rule-making, discipline, and education. Learn more about the commission at Follow the Medical Commission on Facebook and Twitter.


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October , 2019
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