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Lake Stevens Physician Indefinitely Suspended After Disciplinary Hearing

OLYMPIA, WA - The WMC issued a Final Order indefinitely suspending the license of Julia A. Barnett, MD (60729698) of Lake Stevens, WA for acts constituting unprofessional conduct and negligence relating to her role as medical director at the Monroe Correctional Complex.

The WMC suspended Dr. Barnett’s license in November 2020 out of public protection concerns pending disciplinary hearing. Dr. Barnett’s appeal to remove the suspension while awaiting the hearing was denied by a panel of commissioners. A separate panel of WMC Commissioners convened for a disciplinary hearing to consider evidence and expert testimony for the prosecution and defense.

This case involved six patients, four of whom died. With each patient, when a higher level of care was required, either within the correctional facility or via transfer outside the correctional facility, Dr. Barnett repeatedly failed to ensure the patients’ care needs were met. Dr. Barnett also failed to adequately supervise the providers involved in the patients’ care.

Dr. Barnett may petition to reinstate her license after undergoing a clinical skills evaluation, a multidisciplinary evaluation, and completing an ethics course. If her license is reinstated, she will be subject to WMC oversight and monitoring and must abide by any recommendations and resulting restrictions made by the evaluators.

Legal documents in this case are available online by visiting the Washington Department of Health Provider Credential Search website.

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