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Clark County PA Suspended

OLYMPIA, WA -  A Washington Medical Commission (WMC) panel has suspended the license of Physician Assistant (PA) Scott C. Miller (#60427988) on October 12, 2021.

WMC alleges PA Miller’s treatment of COVID-19 patients fell below the standard of care. Miller began a public campaign promoting ivermectin as a curative for COVID-19, and prescribed it without adequate examination to at least one person, with no reliable clinical studies that establish its efficacy in preventing or treating COVID-19.

Allegations against Miller also include: interfering with the care of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, engaging in a hostile and and threatening public campaign against both hospitals and individual physicians regarding COVID-19 treatment; and lying on his initial licensing application by denying that he was under investigation by the State of California’s Physician Assistant Board. 

PA Miller’s license is suspended pending further administrative proceedings. Miller has 20 days to respond to the WMC regarding these allegations. 

Legal documents in this case are available online by visiting the Washington Department of Health Provider Credential Search website.

PA Miller in this action is to be distinguished from the multiple “Scott Miller” credentialed individuals. The action noted above is against Scott Christopher Miller. Please use the “Credential Number” search criteria box and enter the eight-digit license number (60427988) to ensure an accurate search result.  


**This notice is intended to comply with RCW 18.130.110.

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