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2020 New Law: Providing Information to Patients

During the 2019 Legislative Session, House Bill 1608 passed. As of June 2020, the law requires that health care entities provide the following information, at the time of hiring, contracting with, or privileging health care providers and staff, and on a yearly basis thereafter:

"Health care entities are prohibited from limiting health care providers’ ability to give medically accurate information to their patients if a provider is acting in good faith, within the provider’s scope of practice, education, training, and experience, including specialty areas of practice and board certification, and within the accepted standard of care. This includes information related to the Death with Dignity Act (RCW 70.245)."

Further definitions and requirements of the law are explained on the Department of Health 1608 FAQ page. In accordance with the law, the Department also has information online regarding the Death with Dignity Act here.

A one-page handout that health care professionals can print and use for easy reference is available here (PDF).