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Important Information about the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

PMPs continue to be among the most promising state-level interventions to improve opioid prescribing, inform clinical practice, and protect patients at risk. Although findings are mixed, evaluations of PMPs have illustrated changes in prescribing behaviors, use of multiple providers by patients, and decreased substance abuse treatment admissions.

The Medical Commission has been made aware that the Washington PMP is not the easiest program to sign-up for, or access, when it is not integrated into the EMR. Washington’s PMP was developed and is maintained by the Department of Health. Your Medical Commission has no authority to modify or replace the current system.


While the Medical Commission has no authority or ability to make the PMP easier for you to use, we would like to point out a few resources that may make registering and accessing the PMP easier.

Ease of Use Project

The PMP is working with our state Health Information Exchange (HIE) providing connectivity and deploying solutions for seamless interfaces between electronic medical record systems and the PMP. Healthcare providers who don’t have access to this technology still need access to the PMP, and in a way that isn’t overly burdensome or cumbersome.  Solutions to make PMP web portal access easier can’t wait.

DOH is gathering feedback and evaluating options in collaboration with providers and professional associations. Be a part of developing solutions that effectively balance the need for security with ease of use to support provider use of the PMP in Washington.

PMP Reporting

As part of ESHB 1427, the PMP is required to report on PMP usage to the provider, the governor’s office and the appropriate committees of the legislature. As a registered user of the PMP you may receive the “Opioid Prescriber Feedback Report” (example). This should not cause you anxiety or alarm. This is simply an informational report for you to use as a self-assessment tool. If you think the information on the report is inaccurate, you should email the PMP as soon as possible.