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Coffee with the Commission - Personal Data Questions

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Coffee with the Commission is an opportunity to hear about changes in the practice of medical regulation and have an extended Q&A session with experts in the subject area. At this CwC we will be discussing the Personal Data Questions in the initial licensing application. There have been significant changes to these questions and our panel will walk you through what changes have been made, the implications for the practitioner from a mental and physical standpoint and what is “Safe Haven”. This CwC will be recorded, and you can send us your questions ahead of time to


Chris Bundy, MD, MPH

Dr. Bundy is the Executive Medical Director of the Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP), Immediate Past President of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Washington School of Medicine and WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. Prior to joining WPHP, he served as Mental Health Service Chief and Chief of Psychiatry at the VA Puget Sound Healthcare System.  He is board certified in general and geriatric psychiatry and addiction medicine.  Dr. Bundy draws on his experience as a health-care leader, medical educator, and recovering physician to support education and advocacy efforts related to physician health and well-being.


Marisa Courtney – WMC Licensing Manager
Pamela Kohlmeier, MD, JD -  WMC Staff Attorney