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New license for IMGs available. Apply today!

OLYMPIA - In January, the legislature passed a law that grants internationally-trained medical graduates (IMGs) the opportunity to obtain a two-year medical license for clinical experience. Currently there is an option for one renewal to equal a total practice time of four years in the field.

International medical graduates have long struggled to obtain U.S. medical licenses, which is why Washington state has passed two laws, in 2019 and 2020, to assist IMGs in gaining residencies, career guidance and clinical training.

Last year the legislature extended that effort to include the two-year clinical experience license. The license is offered to IMGs meeting certain educational criteria, passing a background check and maintaining a practice agreement with a state licensed physician.

To learn more and apply visit our IMG Clinical Experience License page. For questions, email:

*A recent Time Magazine article gives deeper insight on the importance of this law and changes on a national scale.


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