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IMPORTANT: Measles post-exposure message

Washington’s measles outbreak creates some uncommon situations given the presence of active disease such as the use of MMR vaccine for post-exposure protocol and the need for return-to-work advice or letters. If you are getting questions about use of MMR for post-exposure protocol, or return-to-work letter requests, you should refer these people to the Clark County Public Health measles call center: 360-397-8021. This number is specific to the current measles outbreak, so it will not work for other purposes or for unrelated questions.


Return to Work/School Authorizations

All return to work/school authorizations during an outbreak or for notifiable conditions (List of Notifiable Conditions) must come from the health officer or be provided under the health officer’s direct orders. Clark County Public Health will also help exposed people determine whether they are eligible for post-exposure vaccine administration.