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2019 Legislative Session: A Success

One aspect of how the WMC protects patients, and promotes the practice of medicine, is participating in the legislative process. The 2019 legislative session has come to a close; and the WMC was involved in the passage of many helpful bills. Additionally, our name change bill (SB 5764) was signed into law by the Governor and takes effect July 28. We are officially the Washington Medical Commission in statute!

Here is a brief overview of bills that could have an impact on you:

  • SHB 1049 - Will increase existing whistleblower protections;
  • HB 1074 - Also referred to as Tobacco 21, this raises the age for tobacco and vaping products;
  • HB 1198  - Will require that practitioners notify patients of sexual misconduct;
  • HB 1528 -  Provides post treatment recovery help for opioid addiction;
  • HB 1638 - Requires children have the MMR vaccine before attending school;
  • SB 5526 - Opens up the insurance market to individual health plans;
  • SB 5386 - The WMC and the Washington Telemedicine Collaborative will jointly develop helpful training for practitioners using telemedicine;
  • SB 5387 - Updates credentialing requirements for telemedicine to be consistent with federal level requirements;
  • 2SSB 5846 - WMC will lead a workgroup of diverse stakeholders to make recommendations on how to increase International Medical Graduates participation in Washington residencies.


There were many more bills as the pace of this session was frantic. But, it was a productive session that puts into place many new laws that benefit the public. Please contact us if you have questions about the new legislation and its impacts to the medical profession.